Overview poster (ppt)
A poster giving a general overview of the experiment, including the apparatus as a whole, the measurement scheme and a brief description of systematics methodology.
Beam source poster (ppt)
A poster describing in detail the development of the molecular beam source, including details on the current buffer gas source and the development of a thermochemical source for the next generation.
Systematics poster (ppt)
A poster looking in detail at the treatment of our systematic errors, describing how we use parity sums to analyse and identify trends and eliminate unwanted effects.


ACME II Upgrades Poster (ppt)
A poster about the demonstrated and planned upgrades to the ACME experiment for its second generation.
ACME II Progress Poster
Progress in ACME II (June 2017).


A non-technical overview of the ACME experiment.

Why are we looking for the electron EDM and what impact our measurement has on our understanding of the universe? How does the EDM relate to dark matter?

How can an EDM explain why the universe exists at all?

This video describes our work in simple, non-scientific terms.

Video can also be viewed at:
A technical description of the ACME apparatus.

The method for performing our measure is outlined, including how we create a cold beam of Thorium Oxide molecules, how we prepare the molecules into the measurement state and the manner in which the precession measurement is subsequently performed.

Animation made in Blender

Video can also be viewed at:
A narrated version is also available at:



A schematic of the experimental apparatus used for the ACME I result


A schematic of the experimental apparatus with ACME II upgrades: shorter beamline, STIRAP state preparation, wider field plates, more efficient light collection.


Experimental apparatus, including beam source and vacuum chamber surrounded by magnetic shielding

Electric field plates and collection optics

Some of the many laser optical elements