Link to past posters and images (ACME I & II)


Advanced ACME (ACME III)

  ACME III poster including schematic

Beyond the ACME II Limit on the Electron EDM (pdf)

This poster gives an overview of the planned next generation ACME experiment apparatus.
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  ACME III molecular lens poster

Upgrading the ACME EDM Search with a Molecular Lens (pdf)

This poster gives an overview of the hexapole electric lens being developed to boost the number of usable molecules in the beam.
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Advanced ACME schematic
A schematic of the planned Advanced ACME apparatus. A hexapole electrostatic molecular lens is added to offset geometric losses in the molecular beam. The spin precession region is extended by a factor of ~5 to fully make use of the H experimental state lifetime. STIRAP is now performed horizontally using the new X-A-H transition to improve saturation, reducing systematic error. Finally, regular PMT detectors are upgraded to silicon PMTs which have over twice the quantum efficiency.


Panoramic view of ACME II experiment apparatus
This is a panoramic view of the ACME II experiment aparatus, taken in summer 2018. You can see optical tables on the far left and right of the picture. At the center is the interaction region (covered by cylindrical magnetic shields), flanked by the cryogenic buffer gas beam source on the left and the dump region on the right. Right in front of the magnetic shields are optics for state preparation and readout.
The next generation Advanced ACME apparatus will also look like this, but with an interaction region over twice as long (to account for the ~4-5x increase of the precession time) and a molecular lens before the molecules enter the beam source.

ACME II collection optics
Electric field plates and collection optics (ACME II). The molecular beam travels from left to right. The magnetic shields and vacuum window of the interaction region has been removed to reveal the collection optics. You can see the four light pipes carrying light from the detection region to the PMTs outside of the chamber.
ACME II North optics table
North optics table (ACME II). Here you can see our 703 nm readout laser, several homemade external cavity diode lasers for rotational cooling, scanning cavities to lock them to a stable laser, and tapered amplifiers to amplify the 690 nm STIRAP laser.
ACME II optics detail
ACME II optics detail 2
Some detailed views of ACME II optics